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Correspondence between Ted Hollingsworth and Vince Lombardi, April 18-26, 1995, re: HUD elimination proposal

Contains: Memo from Ted Hollingsworth to Vince Lombardi, April 20, 1995, re: HUD elimination proposal; Memo from J.T. Young to HUD elimination working group, April 18, 1995, re: HUD elimination proposal from 4/13; Memo from Vince Lombardi to Ted…

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Fax from the Columbus, Ohio, field office of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, January 17, 1996, re: HUD CPD FY1995

Contains: CDBG FY1995, December 2, 1994; ESG FY1995, December 8, 1994; FY1995 HOME Program Allocations, December 12, 1994

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